House of Butterflys in Jonsdorf

Get up close to the tropics!

Surrounded by lush, tropical vegetation you can experience the life of butterflies up close. A lake with tropical aquatic plants and a water fall support the impression of being in a jungle. On forked paths the guests will discover the diverse life of butterflies. Without separating nets, big and small visitors see the flight characteristics of tropical butterflies. Witness the nuptial flight and the mating of the most beautiful and speciose insects of our home planet. Look for butterfly eggs, caterpillars and their pupa in this jungle-like environment.

In the species-appropriate desert, rocks, and rain forest terrain of about 50 sqm are next to tortoises, lizards and snakes tarantulas to be found.

A 3 metres long sea water aquarium with catch your eye in the foyer. Colourful south pacific fish, different corals and anemone live in this basin. For the small guests a well-equipped playground is provided.