The Dinosaur Park

Excitement, fun and adventure!

Dinosaurs spotted in Upper Lusatia

Every year, from April to the end of October, the Saurierpark dinosaur park near Bautzen opens its doors for an exciting journey through time into the world as it was 80 or 100 million years ago. More than 200 life-sized, strikingly realistic prehistoric giants populate this unique theme park and take you on an exciting trip into the past. The courageous can peek between the Tyrannosaur's gaping jaws, while amateur explorers can dig for dinosaur claws or climb the jungle adventure playground at the heart of the dinosaur park. You’ll find thrills and chills galore at the inimitable “Forgotten World” area. Your visit to the park is rounded off by other attractions such as the 350 m2 water play area, making it an unforgettable experience for all the family!

NEW OPENING on 8 April 2017: The Mitoseum – the new entrance area to the dinosaur park – features not just a spectacular facade but also two new attractions for visitors big and small. Let us surprise you!