Herrnhuter Sterne Manufaktur

Peep over our shoulder!

Experience handicrafts
In our modern factory, hard-working hands stick together and fold the multi-sized points of our famous Christmas decorations: Herrnhut stars. Not only can you see with your own eyes how these paper stars of all sizes are traditionally manufactured; you can even try making some yourself. Stick together a little star or “twist” a point – it’s harder than you might think!

History and tradition
Climb inside a giant Herrnhut star. In each of its points you can find out about the history and customs of the Moravian Brethren in Herrnhut, and the Herrnhut stars, with a film showing to round off your visit.

World of Discoveries – new from October 2017
The new children’s World of Discoveries turns small fry into big fish. Play, slide, climb and have a great time on our two floors, and follow our two starlets, Emmi and Jonas, through the history of the Herrnhut star. And crafts come into it, too; we’ll help you master the art of “Sterneln” or making stars.

Take a break
Our restaurant “Bei Sterns” is a popular spot to spend time. Enjoy the bright, modern atmosphere with a view of the demonstration workshop. You can look forward to good regional fare with seasonal specialities, little snacks or a wide range of coffees and cakes.